[ Review ] Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse – review – by Ino

The box is rather small compared to most mice, similar to all the G Series boxes so far. No added

What’s included:
– Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse
– Box with weights
– Warranty, Manual


Box with mouse:

Open box:

Side description:


Box with weights:

Weight & Shape

The shape feels similar to that of the G500, at least from my memory. It is slightly less wide than the EC1 which I’ve put next to it for comparison.

Comparison with G400

I was sceptical about the shape at first, because it looks like those horrible RAT mice, but was rather pleased with the result. The grip I get on it is nice. If it had less buttons and aesthetical stuff on it you could actually see that it has quite the regular dimensions. I don’t know why it looked so big in one of the early pictures from a LAN event, my only guess is that the asian person holding it had very tiny hands.

Weight: 121 g
Height: 40 mm
Width: 75 mm
Estimated width at grip position: 60 mm
Length: 132 mm
Number of buttons: 11

My hand is around 19.5 cm from the tip of my middle finger to the base, I can grip it comfortably without accidentally actuating the forward thumb button.


Thumb rest:

I found the right side of the mouse to be a lot more comfortable than on the G400 for example, mainly due to the missing lip. I will have to do longer gaming sessions to fully evaluate the shape though.

Right side lip:

Of course shape is completely individual preference, so everyone has to try for himself in the end.

Sensor / Performance

The mouse has an all new sensor, the name is still unknown. Logitech promotes it as having a max tracking speed of 7.6 m/s and from my testing so far that could very well be true. No matter how hard I tried, I could not make the mouse malfunction. I tested it at the stock setting without installing LGS (was 2400 dpi for me) and then at 800 dpi. Both performed just perfectly. I have never seen sensor performance like this, it is just perfect in every way for me.

I tried 400, 800, 1800 and 12000 dpi at 1000 Hz which all worked perfectly, then I also tried the other polling rates at my preferred setting of 800 Hz, to my surprise they all offered great results too. There is also no jitter, even at 12000 dpi I wouldn’t call it that, because my movements had to be sooo tiny for those lines and circles that the result is still amazing imo.

The real dpi for each setting can be seen in the mouse tester print, for the lower dpi settings they were very exact and those errors might as well be on my side with the measurement.

Stock setting: 2400 dpi, 1000 Hz

400 dpi, 1000 Hz

800 dpi, 1000 Hz

1800 dpi, 1000 Hz

12000 dpi, 1000 Hz

800 dpi, 500 Hz

800 dpi, 250 Hz

800 dpi, 125 Hz

Jitter test 800 dpi

Jitter test 1800 dpi

Jitter test 12000 dpi

Acceleration Test

As there was a debate wether this sensor has accel or not: It has none for me. I lack the equipment to do a test where I record mouse movement together with the screen, but I did a test in TF2 and recorded that. See video below:

I was swiping over the whole span of my Talent, so ~48 cm.
My settings: 800 dpi, 1000 Hz, in-game sens 0.87 (~60 cm/360°), m_rawinput 1

Lift Off Distance

If you let the LGS calibrate the sensor to your mousepad it will automatically set it to a low LOD, seriously, on my Talent I now have a LOD lower than 1.2 mm (it doesn’t track with 1 CD). So they beat Zowie at that without some lens modification. Also all my test above were done with calibration in place, which should theoretically produce worse results than having a higher LOD. Guess not for this beast.
If you are someone who does not want a low LOD you should probably switch to the standard calibration for the sensor.

Buttons / Switches / Scroll Wheel

The main buttons have a nice click feeling, they seem very well balanced in actuation force. I did not accidentally misclick yet, unlike I did on the Deathadder back in the day. They need less force than the buttons on any Zowie. The buttons to the side of the left click (dpi change by default) feel worse, but only a bit.

The switches for the main buttons seem to be all Omrons D2FC-F-7N

(Picture by blackmesatech)

The Scroll wheel is my only gripe with the mouse, as it is rather heavy and also wobbles when in free scroll. It works just fine though, I just don’t like the feel. Coming from a 16 notch Zowie wheel that probably was to be expected.

Build Quality

The cord is braided, but very flexible. I personally don’t like braided cables, but this is the best braided I’ve seen so far. Comparable to the Zowie cables in terms of flex.

Overall Build quality is good, everything seems to be high quality. The wheel wobbling slightly in free scroll is probably due to the way the mechanic works and because it’s a tilt wheel.


The sensor that Logitech has introduced with the G502 Proteus Core kills all competition if you ask me. I’ve never been this satisfied with a sensor like this. There are some downsides for my personal preference as I’d rather like a smaller, lightweight, ambidextrous mouse, but if you want a full on palm mouse with lots of buttons this would be the one I would recommend to everyone. The weight might be an issue if you are a low sens player like me, because 121 g for a long gaming session can get tiring.
So I really hope to see this sensor in the upcoming Logitech releases, seeing how much they have invested to come up with a sensor like this I have no reason to believe this isn’t going to happen. This sensor in a shell similar to the Sensei or the Zowie FK would be the best mouse I can imagine.


Credit b : http://www.overclock.net/t/1481639/logitech-g502-proteus-core-gaming-mouse-review-by-ino



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