[Review]Plantronic Gamecom 780 Headset

A Closer Look at the GameCom 780

As expected of a headset, the accessories package is relatively simple. You get the warranty and safety documentation, the Dolby driver software CD, and the headset itself.

The headset uses a USB connection, which means that it will use a digital signal as opposed to analogue. Additionally, that also means that a soundcard will be integrated with the headset as well.

The volume controls are integrated on the left ear cup. When the volume is being adjusted, the headset intuitively produces beeping sounds so the listener has an idea of the current volume level.

The Dolby switch can be found on the other side of the left ear cup . This tiny yet important little switch must be turned on to enable the virtual 7.1 surround sound.  Once enabled, the switch will glow blue to indicate that it’s on.

The cloth padding on the headrest and earcups are thick and comfortable. This headset should have no problems sitting on your head for hours on end.

Despite its mostly plastic construction, the headset feels very solid. Many areas of the headset have a glossy finish and may attract a lot of dusts and fingerprints, but the plastic is thick and durable.

The rotatable hinges has little red triangles painted on them to show if they are in position or not. These are not very helpful as most people will probably just twist the earcups until they can no longer twist, but it’s still a nice touch anyway.

The bars connecting the earcups to the headband is of metal construction and feels extremely tough. This is actually a great engineering decision on Plantronics part as these metal bars are highly durable, but weigh a lot less than having something like a steel headband. The headset should handle normal use and occasional gamer rage without problem.

Aesthetically speaking, you do get an exposed wire, so it may not look as clean as headsets with hidden wires. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

GameCom 780 Performance

Test 1: The Movie Test

Yeah, I could watch a movie with tons of dialog and an extremely compelling storyline, but honestly, that doesn’t really push a pair of virtual surround sound headsets to the limit. That said, I sat down, put on my headphones and got to work – by watching Mission Impossible 3 to really test the bass, clarity, and of course, the virtual surround sound performance of the headset. Truth to be told, it’s terrific. The headset clearly translated every explosion, rustling of fabric, and dialogue into my ears clearly and vibrantly. Despite being a tad bit worried about the bass response due to Plantronics decision to include 40mm drivers instead of 50mm drivers, the headset was able to output clean bass very well. I was also pleasantly surprised with Dolby’s implementation of virtual surround. It was able to pickup the movie’s 5.1 audio track and convert that into the headphone’s 2.0 track while still maintaining an acceptable level of accurate positional audio.

Test 2: The Music Test

Music sounded quite good on the 780 as well. I ended up listening to quite a variety of genres of music ranging from Canon Rock by Jerry C to The Beatles, and even some Skrillex for good measure. As expected, bass response here again was good, only bottoming out at very low end when playing bass heavy genres like hip hop with the bass turned up way too high. Otherwise, the bass is excellent and the audio clarity is top notch for a gaming headset. Highs and mids were great as well, but at the very high end the highs do get a tad bit distorted, but you’d really have to be listening carefully to notice.

One thing I was a bit worried about with simulated surround sound technologies is that sometimes poorly implemented technologies will make perfectly good sounding music sound bad by adding echos and extra sounds that don’t actually exist. However, this was not an issue and it seems like Dolby has done a fine job with their Dolby 3D Technology. It’s still recommended that you turn this feature off when listening to music though since the technology will work differently with every song.

Test 3: The Gaming Test

Running around with guns blazing in Battlefield 3, this headset prformed phenomenally. The Virtual 7.1 surround sound worked very well and it accurately relayed my enemies position to me through sounds such as gunfires, footsteps, and dialogue. I also really enjoyed the clarity of the sound as well. The aforementioned sounds were clear and crisp and I felt like I was actually on the battlefield. Given that this headset is actually aimed at gamers, this is a very, very good thing.

Editor’s Blurb: Microphone Test

Well, since I’m on the other side of the Skype calls with Tom, I think I’m probably the most qualified to talk about microphone quality here and I’m going to have to say that the microphone quality on the GameCom 780 is one of the best I’ve heard from a gaming headset. While the microphone doesn’t match up to high end standalone microphones such as the Blue Microphone Snowball or the AudioTechnica AT2020, the headset microphone does fare very well when compared to other gaming headset microphones on the market. Sound quality here was crisp and clear, with clarity far exceeding the SteelSeries Siberia V2 microphone, which we compared with directly. This is probably due to Plantronics expertise in Bluetooth headsets and other audio gear designed for communications in mind. If you’re on a budget looking for a gaming headset to do gaming commentaries with, the Plantronics GameCom 780 should be on the very top of your list.

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